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Tess McDonald has never been a stranger to the world of art. For over 40 years she has been exploring and cultivating her unique style. For Tess it began with fiber arts – loom weaving and basket weaving. Then she studied porcelain painting with renowned porcelain artist Mary Dougherty of Columbus, Georgia. Her own mother, Dorothy McIntyre, is an exceptional porcelain artist who began painting in her 60s and continued until her late 80s. Tess took the plunge into fine art painting in 2006 when she came under the wing of European Master Artist, Grigor Aleksi Xhaferi.

Different cultures and exotic scenery fascinate and inspire me. I love to paint from photos taken in my travels, as well as those of my generous photo-journalist friend Ronnie Mosley. A diversity of people and scenery from Colombia, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, India, Japan, and Curacao elevate my art to another level.

I believe that our talents are God-given and I am grateful to have been blessed with many wonderful teachers. Over a ten-year period, Grigor of Studio Sabka challenged me to develop my gifts much further. I am inspired by subjects that are full of life, and it is rewarding to share them through my paintings.

Tess lives in Fort Worth, Texas. She has three children, Chase, Rachel, and Alejandra, and two grandchildren, Magnolia and Asa.

“But by the grace of God, I am what I am.”
– 1 Cor. 15:10

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What is a giclee?

Limited Edition Giclee

Giclee is a great way to have original artwork at a much lower price point. With a limited edition, the artist individualizes a piece with hand painting on the print surface. Each work is one of a limited number and no two are exactly alike.

Art Prints

There are many options for bringing the beauty of original artwork into your life! Our Art Prints, or Giclee prints, are a fabulous way to enrich your life with art. They are made using a specialized ink process developed exclusively for fine art printing. The artist’s image is refined digitally to ensure the trueness of color, clarity, and fidelity of the work. Giclee prints are known for their brilliant color range and the subtleties they capture as well as their enduring quality. Giclee prints are also highly impressive gifts.

Commissioned art.

Commissioned Works

Commissioned Works can be painted of almost anything. Use your favorite images or we can work together to create a beautiful work of art by combining different images together. Commissioned artwork is an incredible way to remember and celebrate the places, magical moments, and loved ones in your life.

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Art Lessons

Art Lessons with personalized instruction may open up new opportunities for you or someone you know to develop new talent and explore fine art in a different way. If this is of interest to you, let’s talk about available options. Please use the Contact menu selection.